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P. O. Box 712942, San Diego, CA 92171-2942 Ph: 619-276-8709, Email: 

Commitment, Inc. was started in 2005 to help individuals in need in Baja California.  The aid was in

the form of a series of operations, including a number of heart operations, various other operations, and general medical care.  Much of the work was done in the Sierra de San Francisco in Baja

California Sur.  Assistance was also given to help with education costs to enable individuals to better connect with the world around them and give a better life to themselves and their families.

Similar work has been done in El Rosario and Las Missiones, a part of Colonia Guerrero just north of San Quintin.

Commitment is now doing work in Baja California Sur, especially in Loreto.  You can click on the Loreto-BCS page at the top right to get more detailed information.

An important focus has been on a fire and rescue group called "Halcones de Desierto" or Desert Hawks, based in El Rosario, BC, a small town about 250 miles south of San Diego.  The Desert Hawks started in 2013 with the donation of an ambulance from the Schaefer Ambulance Company of California.  We are currently working closely with the new municipality of San Quintin to improve the rescue services south of El Rosario all the way to the boundary of Baja California Sur.

Commitment, Inc. has a sister company in Mexico, which is also a non-profit organization, called Fundacion Commitment International A.C.  Together we have been raising funds and securing equipment to enable the group to serve the community as well as tourists traveling the main highway in Baja California.  We serve close to 200 miles of the highway.

With the help of the community and many individuals, we have become one of the most effective rescue groups in Baja California.  The Desert Hawks currently has 10 vehicles, including 4 ambulances, 2 fire engines, a water tender, a mini pumper, a 4WD off-road rescue vehicle, and a large SUV to transport people.  The group responds to over 100 calls per year ranging from minor injuries to life-threatening emergencies.  While most of the calls have involved Mexican citizens, there have been a significant number of calls involving Americans, Canadians, and Europeans.

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The Desert Hawks have around 20 Individuals who have experience as EMTs, Firefighters, and/or Lifeguards who volunteer their services.  Assistance is available 24/7.  Individuals are trained and are urged to attend the latest courses in fire and rescue.  The organization supports their efforts by assisting with the costs of attending the courses.
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We have established relationships with other rescue groups in both Baja California and Baja California Sur to have an entire network of responders to serve the communities in all of Baja.  One of our most successful projects has been to help supply other fire and rescue groups with the necessary equipment to enable them to best serve their communities.

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