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Food distribution by car then by mule and burro....


   Commitment is now undertaking a food support program for a number of families living in Sierra de San Francisco who are severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.  The families listed below have one or more of the following factors:  Old age, various illnesses, diseases, or conditions that make it difficult to make a living.  They may also have limited ability to maintain goat herds or any cattle due to limited forage near their ranches.  The families may also have young children that may need regular nourishment for growth and survival.  Among the families and ranches to be helped are:


 Nacho & Manuela Arce - Santa Martha

   Ignacio Arce (Nacho) has been one of the finest guides in the Sierra

de San Francisco.  However, old age (73) and arthritis has taken a

big toll.  His wife, Manuela, suffers from weak kidney function.

Manuel Arce - Santa Martha

   Here, also, old age has made life difficult for Manuel and his wife.

Mele Arce - Santa Martha

   Mele is Nacho's sister.  She is currently living nearby at Rancho El Sauce.  Like Nacho, she is over 70 years old and not well but somewhat supported by close family.

Chano & Chata Arce - El Sausalito (near Santa Marta)


   They are an old couple living at the head of the canyon El Batequi.  The ranch is only accessed by mule; about an hour's ride from Santa Marta. They have one daughter, age 20, studying at the Technologica School in Santa Rosalia.

Jose Leree - San Francisco de la Sierra

   Jose and his wife are an old couple living at Rancho El Represo (small dam).  Neither is in the best of health.

Blandina & Margarita Arce - San Francisco de la Sierra

   Blandina and her sister Margarita live in Rancho Santa Teresa which is down in the Arroyo San Pablo on the Guadalupe Trail out of San Francisco.  It is only accessible by mule.  Santa Teresa is the nearest ranch to Cueva Pintada, the most visited site in the Sierra de San Francisco.  Blandina's one unmarried son struggles to run the ranch.  They used to be able to depend on rock art tourism but that has currently disappeared due to the coronavirus.

Guadalupe (Lupe) Arce - San Gregorio

   Lupe is the son of Rango Arce.  His small ranch is a short distance up the canyon from the main San Gregorio Rancho.  He and his wife are supporting 4 young children (granddaughters of guide Chema Arce).  The ranch can only be accessed by mule; a 4-5 hour ride.  He has a very small goat herd.  The terrain is very steep at the ranch making goat raising difficult.

   Commitment is working together with an American, Leslie Morava, who started a Feeding Families project in San Ignacio and the surrounding areas including the Sierra de San Francisco.  We are also working with Alianza Comunitaria to avoid duplicating our efforts and ensure that help is given to as many families as possible.


Should you be willing to help these families, you can make a tax-deductible donation in the US by clicking on

PayPal, or by sending a check to:

Commitment, Inc
P.O. Box 712942
San Diego, CA 92171


José Arce's wife receiving her despensa at Rancho El Represo

Your cash donation will be used to purchase food items from local stores.