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Commitment started a food program in the Sierra de San Francisco in July 2020 that lasted until September 2021.  Initially, it was to support the neediest families in the Sierra that had difficulty surviving due to age or existing illnesses.  The Sierra was in the midst of the Coronavirus as well as one of the worst droughts to ever hit the area.  About 300 people live in the Sierra.

The municipal government of Mulege, which oversees the area, gave a large amount of help in the spring of 2021 to the village of San Francisco on the west side of the mountain range, but only a small amount of aid to Santa Martha on the east side of the mountain range.  The last 6 months saw aid being given primarily to all the families on the east side.  This was a little over 100 people in almost 40 ranches.

The aid was in the form of food baskets purchased in San Ignacio and distributed to the ranches.  This would consist of basic staples such as flour, rice, and beans as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.  The pictures on this page are of individuals receiving their food baskets.

Commitment received help from a wonderful lady in San Ignacio named Jane Ames and the Amigos de Los Californios organization who have helped people in the area for several years.  During the program, some $19,000.00 was spent to help the families survive the drought and the Coronavirus which helped shut down the tourist trade to one of the finest collections of prehistoric rock art in the world.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Besides tourism, the mountain people make a living raising goats and some cattle.


Ramon & Maria del Socorro - R. Aguajito
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